Yesterday I Met My Hero

September 11th, 2016


I had the best day yesterday!!!!  We drove to London, Ontario.  It’s about a 2 hour drive from my home and we stopped at a park to play some fetch.  I found out that we were going to the Canadian Country Music Awards (#CCMA) and that I was going to have my picture taken with a hero; my hero @DeanBrody.


Dean is a wonderful musician country western artist but more important to me is that he’s just a really nice guy.  TEAM Dog Rescue and the #CCMA got together and decided that they would work together to create a calendar matching a star with a rescue alumnus.  Dean and I became a team.  We even played some fetch - how could anybody who plays fetch with me be anything but good.


Sometimes people don’t like to brag about what they do so I decided that I would do the bragging for Dean.  He’s more than just a nice guy.  He’s both kind and uses his “star” to help people.  Many of you may not know this about him but a few years ago Dean promised himself that if he ever became famous he would use his fame to help other people. And so he kept his promise.  Dean and his wife Iris began the Dean Brody Foundation.  The foundation helps young girls at risk for human trafficking and prostitution.  I’m sure Dean won’t mind if I give you the link to his foundation.


People who work for the good are worth calling heroes and Dean is a hero.



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