My Awesome Family

August 19th, 2016


There are so many ways I appreciate my awesome family.   I have a mom and a dad who have two “kind of adult” kids, one male and one female.  They’re not home too much but when they are we have fun together.


You’ve seen my sister Sadie right?  She’s a black Labrador - you know, the dog that was bred to go in the water and bring things back?  She doesn’t swim.  I mean, she can; she knows how but going in the water or fetching anything just isn’t her thing.  She’s an unusual girl.  She’s not like me at all but that doesn’t matter, we’re still really good buds.  I’m the outgoing guy that likes to be where the action is.  Sadie is more reserved and really doesn’t like to be the centre of attention.  Sometimes though I think she gets upset with me.  I steal her “lambie” toy and she gets mad at me when I do that.  She gets me back by taking the ball launcher and holding it down so I can’t have my fun.  She does it quietly and then just snickers at me like she’s saying “gotcha”!!


Oh Sadie has other ways of getting to me too.  Do you ever notice that she just suddenly appears either in my pictures or bombs my videos.  That’s not an accident.  She likes to let me know that she’s watching me.  I’m not sure how to get her to stop doing that.  What can I do?


I do love my girl Sadie.  We’re always together and I would really be lost without her.


Come back soon!!!  I want you to meet the rest of my family.


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