K9 Movers At Your Service!

August 30th, 2016


Hi everyone! I wanted you to get to know my cousins.  Don’t they look fierce?  Trust me, looks are very deceiving.


Inside the truck to the left is Azalea and her brother in the front is O.P. (short for Optimus Prime).

It was moving day for their mom so we decided to help and make sure nobody came near the truck.  I think it worked.  Sadie’s on the lookout and I’m inside trying to look scary.  Somehow it just doesn’t work for me.  I’m always smiling.


O.P. and Azalea are Dogo Argentino.   They look a lot like pit bulls and sometimes people think they are.  They’re also called Argentinian Mastiffs.  They’re really strong swimmers and when we swim in the lake together they can swim  for at least an hour without stopping.  Pretty impressive!


O.P. and Azalea are very loving and loyal dogs.  Azalea just finished her training as a therapy dog.



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