In The Beginning

July 24th, 2016


Hi again!  My family soon found out that I have an addiction.  Don't worry, it's not such a terrible addiction.  My mom threw a ball and said "Buddy fetch".  Say no more.  You have unleashed the true love of my life.  Balls!!!  Tennis balls, racquetball balls, squash balls, bouncy balls - I'm not so fussy.  We would play together with everyone taking turns throwing a slobbery ball for me to retrieve.


At Christmastime my dad bought a present.  A ball fetching machine.  Need I say more.  I'm allowed to play with it in short spurts but if allowed, I would be chasing those balls all day long.


I get totally excited and I'm a pretty good fielder.  Who needs a glove.  I hope this video that went viral on the internet (now at 90M views) puts a smile on your face.






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